Product Ideas 2019 to Sell Online

If you are thinking of transacting on the online platform, you will not have a shortage of products you can sell. The modern consumer is looking for variety, and that is what you can offer. Ensure that you get top quality, niche products, that will set you above the competition. We will explore some fantastic items you can consider.

· Blenders

It may surprise you that blenders have made it to our list of products to sell on the online platform in 2019.  But, there is an emerging demand for portable blenders. You will do well to target fitness enthusiasts, who want convenience as they keep fit.

· Nail Gel

You will rarely go wrong with beauty items. Nail gel is a popular product, and if you want to get into a niche market, then you should stock spider nail gel. The fashion trend is really catching on, and many ladies want to wear them. The gel incorporates the use of paint and glitter, and the best part is it comes ready-to-use, so you save time by not having to do the mixing yourself. The profit margins can go up to $4 to $ 6 per bottle. You will help ladies look amazing while keeping your bank account quite healthy with such profit margins.

· Wireless Phone Chargers

The mobile phone has become the go-to place for almost everything. Whether it is entertainment, shopping, research, or communication, you can do it all from the convenience of your phone. However, smart devices, especially mobile phones, have a terrible reputation for not keeping their charge for very long. Wireless phone chargers are, therefore, very convenient because you can use them on the go. The main disadvantage you have with the standard chargers is that you need wires and an electrical outlet. It ties you down because until you charge your phone entirely, you cannot move. You will even find that companies like Apple are now selling iPhones with wireless chargers. But, you still have a vast market that you can take advantage of.

· Face Shields

Face shields are fun to wear, and they provide an element of mystery for the wearer. Interestingly enough, they have become so popular, and people are wearing them everywhere. You no longer have to wait for a costume party to adorn them. The demand for them is quite high; you will find many exciting designs, thereby giving your customers more variety.

· Phone Lenses

Smart mobile phones have made photographers out of some of us. You will find phones that have excellent cameras the budding photographer can use to capture stunning images. The phone lenses significantly improve the quality of the pictures. While it is true that they are not a new trend, they continue to remain very relevant. The result is that the demand for them is still very high, and you have the opportunity to make some good money.

Here is an idea, launch a promotion on your social media platforms for ‘best amateur photographers.’ Get rights to the pictures so that you have user-generated content for your website and social media platforms. You will generate quite a bit of interest, which will result in good sales for you.

· Pet Products

People love their pets and will do almost anything for them. They have become an integral part of most families, and the owners do not mind splurging some tidy amounts of money on them. Pet products are top-rated, and demand remains high. One good tip is to personalize or customize what you sell. You could, for example, have pet collars, pet outfits, and fancy leashes, among others.

One trend that is really catching on is inflatable pet collars. Your furry pets will love them, especially for those days when you have to travel with them. They are also very comfortable for sleeping. The collars also offer protection from injuries and will aid in helping your pet recover if they have an injury.

Another new item is the cat massage comb. You know how our little furry friends like to rub up against us hoping that you will massage them?  Now all you need to do is buy the cat massage comb, mount it at a reachable cat level, and you will sort out the massage needs of your little friend.

· Child-Friendly Thermometers

Bring a thermometer near some children and the tantrums will begin. The kids associate the thermometer with sickness and injections. For a parent, it can be very stressful, knowing that you need to check the temperature, without stressing the little one further. Child-friendly thermometers are a perfect solution. You will especially like the non-contact infrared thermometers which allow you to measure temperature from a distance. Some will enable you to get accurate readings for a foot away.

· Bras

Bras are a must-have underwear item for most women, and the more, the merrier. Forget about stocking the typical variety; we now have backless, strapless bras. Nothing can spoil a beautiful dress like a bra strap showing or sticking out. It can be annoying if you are wearing a backless dress or one with a plunging neckline. These types of bras have adhesive, and the designers had comfort in mind. Silicone suckers hold them up so that the breasts retain the perky look no matter what you are wearing. Ladies will love you for stocking such items.

· Fashion Accessories

Fashion items present excellent business opportunities for online entrepreneurs. You must, however, get unique pieces that no one else is selling. Handcrafted fashion items do very well, but you have to get a reliable supplier. The retro look is also coming back, and you will find people who want to bring back an element of the past. They, therefore, express it through fashion accessories from the early days.

 Final Thoughts

The online platform has so much potential, and you need to grab it while you can. The items we have shared in our article above will never run out of demand. With an excellent online platform, in the right customer service, you are sure to achieve massive sales. Use this as a guide, and watch your profit margins soar.

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