Still of "Calvin" from LIFE (2017) August 14

LIFE (2017): A Competent but Not Too Lively Sci-Fi / Horror Thriller

Billed as a sci-fi/horror film, Life (2017, dir. Daniel Espinosa) is more accurately a semi-lame thriller based on the familiar sci-fi trope of contamination by an alien species.

Still from FUNNY GAMES (2007) August 10

“Post-Horror” or Just More “FUNNY GAMES”? (Part 2 of 2)

In this second part of a two-part article, I focus on the film(s) that I introduced at the end of the first part: Michael Haneke’s FUNNY GAMES (1997 / 2007).

August 09

The Emptiness of “The Void” (2016)

Distanced from Astron-6’s darkly funny aesthetic, it becomes just another genre flick defined by its borrowed parts.

August 02

“The Entity” (1982): Misogyny and the Paranormal

It is no mistake that a great deal of the horror genre revolves around the victimization, rebellion and eventual liberation of women.

July 24

The Tactile Horror of “Felt” (2014)

Felt is a captivating journey that forces the viewer to consider the perspective of a challenging character.

Still from FUNNY GAMES (1997) July 13

“Post-Horror” or Just More “Funny Games”? (Part 1 of 2)

“Post-horror” is apparently a ‘thing’ now. The thing is, it’s really nothing new.

July 11

The Secrets of “Toad Road” (2012)

In a way, the addicts of Toad Road are not unlike the religious types who seek redemption and release via unquestioning faith in an omniscient, all-powerful creator.

Still from THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (2016) July 10


I give this movie the highest praise by saying I hope they make a sequel. Hell, I really hope they make a prequel AND an origin story. And I usually hate origin stories.

Theatrical poster for LO (2009) June 29

“Lo” (2009) – a Demonic Horror Comedy from Travis Betz

Going back eight years is not much of a throwback in time. Yet writer-director Travis Betz’ “Lo” (2009) is worthy of a Throwback Thursday shout-out anyway. It’s an overlooked and undervalued film that deserves a wider audience. A genre-blending horror comedy musical with romantic drama elements, this indie picture takes a lot of chances and still succeeds.

Tim O'Kelly is the sniper in TARGETS (1968) June 22

Throwback Thursday: Peter Bogdanovich’s “Targets” (1968)

On one level, Peter Bogdanovich’s first feature film, TARGETS (1968, prod. Roger Corman) is about a shift in horror cinema. In the late 1950s, gothic/supernatural and extraterrestrial monsters started to give way to the monsters of everyday life. TARGETS is a metaphor for this change in the major source of cinematic horror.