A HONEYMOON (2014) from Hell

An alien presence turns wives into husband-killing monsters in writer-director Leigh Janiak’s feature debut, the indie science-fiction horror film Honeymoon (2014). In their native urban environment (likely New York City), newlyweds Bea (Rose Leslie) and Paul (Harry Treadaway) seem like an average (including their quirks) yuppie couple. When they go from city to country (crossing the border into Canada in the process), the ties that bind — along with the gender roles defined by contemporary heterosexual marriage — go out the window when an eerie light shines into it, focusing on new wife Bea.

“The Lobster” (2015): An Absurdist Social Satire

Since their gradual emergence in Western popular culture over the period from the 1960s to today, the memes of “finding yourself” and being “in a relationship” have become perennial social preoccupations. The Lobster (2015) skewers both through reducing them to absurdity. So, what’s left? Unfortunately, the film seems to run out of ideas at this point. Is THE LOBSTER still worth a watch?