Lunes Mundial: Gaspar Noé’s “Love” (2015)

Love (2015) is a highly reflexive film that says as much about writer-director Gaspar Noé (I Stand Alone, Irreversible, Enter the Void) as it does about its diegetic world. Its protagonist, Murphy (Karl Glusman), is (like Noé) a young, foreign-born (American rather than Argentinian) filmmaker who moves to France to make films. Murphy becomes involved in a highly charged relationship with a young French artist named Electra (Aomi Muyock). Their relationship ruptures after they invite a teenage neighbor, Omi (Klara Kristin), to have a threesome with them.

“The Lobster” (2015): An Absurdist Social Satire

Since their gradual emergence in Western popular culture over the period from the 1960s to today, the memes of “finding yourself” and being “in a relationship” have become perennial social preoccupations. The Lobster (2015) skewers both through reducing them to absurdity. So, what’s left? Unfortunately, the film seems to run out of ideas at this point. Is THE LOBSTER still worth a watch?

Contracted (2013): Avoid Like the Plague

Whereas something like Simon Rumley’s “Red White & Blue” takes a look at disease and infection from a standpoint of real-world consequence, one might think the exaggeration of “Contracted” might put it more in league with the not-quite-earthbound films of David Cronenberg (“Shivers” and “Rabid” in particular). Unfortunately, writer-director Eric England falls back on degrading gross-outs for their own sake.