Cults in Horror Cinema: “THE WITCH” (2015)

THE WITCH is a film about impression. There are scenes where you aren’t sure what you are watching, or what they mean. It is heavy with symbolic images. The full effect isn’t felt until the film is over and you begin putting everything together. It’s disturbing and stays with you. Like all folk tales, it is meant to be reexperienced, each time piecing out something different.

J-Horror & the Hard-Boiled Detective Story: Two Films from the Early 2000s

Another Heaven and Suicide Club both focus on late 1990s Tokyo detectives. One detective is young and single. The other is middle-aged and has a wife and kids. Cases involving suspicious deaths that turn out to be far from run-of-the-mill confront both of them. Both soon realize that there’s more going on than meets the eye. At first, none of their colleagues will believe them. How will they deal with these cases?