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Still from CREEP (2014) March 05

Strange Attractions: Patrick Brice’s CREEP and CREEP 2

CREEP (2014) and CREEP 2 (2017) are deceptively simple yet highly disturbing films that demonstrate why independent horror deserves more attention and respect.

March 02

Inside the Mind of “Psychopaths” (2017)

I wanted to curl up and die in this beautiful, horrible world.

Still from BEFORE I WAKE February 05

The Persistence of Fairytales: Mike Flanagan’s “BEFORE I WAKE” (2016)

Mike Flanagan’s BEFORE I WAKE has the feel of a modern fairytale along with horror and an undercurrent of sadness.

January 29

THE SHAPE OF WATER (2017): Aquatic Lust Letter

Del Toro gorges his artistic appetite from all possible angles, but makes the strongest, most human elements secondary to all the visual candy.

Theatrical Poster for LIVING AMONG US (2018) January 25

Indie Film Review: Vampire Mockumentary “Living Among Us” (2018)

Living Among Us (2018) is the second feature-length horror movie by indie writer/director/producer Brian A. Metcalf (The Lost Tree, 2016). It’s a competent production. The film boasts a cast that includes Esmé Bianco (Game of Thrones, 2011-3), James Russo (Donnie Brasco, 1997), William Sadler (The Shawshank Redemption, 1994), and the late John Heard (Home Alone, 1990). Yet, its story is familiar and weak, as is its POV video aesthetic. Its production design and acting also could have been better, even given the limitations of its low budget. The film’s negative aspects outweigh the positives, especially for the seasoned horror fan.

January 17

The Ill-Advised Methods of MAYHEM (2017)

The script and direction lean so heavily on wanting to appease a built-in audience that it never tries very hard, despite the exasperating visuals.

Still from INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY (2018) January 10

INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY (2018): The Last Flight of the Insidious Express

The source of evil in this film is as interesting as its personification in demonic form.

Matt Dillon in THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT (2018) January 08

Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2018: “The House that Jack Built” (dir. Lars von Trier)

The first in a series of “coming attractions” in 2018, this post previews Lars von Trier’s next feature film, THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT.

The Bride in Black from the INSIDIOUS series January 05

An “Insidious” Retrospective: Thoughts Before Seeing INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY (2018)

The fourth installment of the “Insidious” series opened in US theaters today. For Loud Green Bird, it’s an opportunity to take a look back at the first three movies before seeing the fourth one.

December 28

Throwback Thursday: CARNIVAL OF SOULS (1962)

Shot in black-and-white for the drive-in and grindhouse circuit, this surrealistic, low-budget, independently produced horror movie became a cult classic decades later through repeated late-night showings on television. Its director, Herk Harvey, an experienced and award-winning industrial filmmaker, came up with the basic concept for the story while driving past an abandoned lakeside pavilion in Utah — the one that figures prominently in the film — on a business trip. Imagining the danse macabre at the film’s close, he convinced co-worker John Clifford to write a screenplay based on it. The result was “Carnival of Souls” (1962), Harvey’s first and only completed narrative fiction feature. Although consigned to relative obscurity for many years, this movie is now recognized as a genre antecedent and a stylistic precursor for well-known, unconventional films like George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” (1968) and David Lynch’s “Eraserhead” (1977).