“The Lobster” (2015): An Absurdist Social Satire

Since their gradual emergence in Western popular culture over the period from the 1960s to today, the memes of “finding yourself” and being “in a relationship” have become perennial social preoccupations. The Lobster (2015) skewers both through reducing them to absurdity. So, what’s left? Unfortunately, the film seems to run out of ideas at this point. Is THE LOBSTER still worth a watch?

Cults in Horror Movies: STARRY EYES (2014) – review by Kim McDonald

The common factor of most cults is they don’t appear dangerous at the beginning. They appeal to those looking for guidance and acceptance. They offer understanding and a chance to be part of something important. It is only after the person has been lured in do they realize the price of belonging is the sacrifice of everything they have and their complete subjugation. STARRY EYES is more than a cautionary tale about a naive starlet sucked into the seedy side of show business. It is Hollywood as a cult, feeding on ambition to achieve its demonic ends.