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April 27

Throwback Thursday: “It’s Alive” (1974)

The monstrosity of America in early 1970s? “It’s Alive” in Larry Cohen’s classic 1974 exploitation film!

April 21

“Officer Downe” (2016): Cruel & Unusual Punishment

When repetition is the name of the game – and your film isn’t Run Lola Run – it’s not an encouraging sign.

April 11

The Mournful Materialism of “Personal Shopper” (2016)

We get some ghost-vomit, sure, but it’s contextual ghost-vomit.

March 29

“The Belko Experiment” (2017): Slaughterhouse 9-to-5

It’s Lord of the Flies with suits and ties.

March 23

Series Rundown: “Resident Evil” (2002 – 2017)

The original may not be the best, but it remains the most cinematic of the series.

March 10

Macon Blair’s Right At Home in His Netflix Directorial Debut

While the inevitable comparisons between Blair’s directorial debut and the Saulnier pictures in which he appears might find Blair’s film lacking, it’s really a case of ‘apples and oranges.’

March 03

Signposts: “A Cure for Wellness” (2017)

With A Cure for Wellness, Verbinski goes all out in an epic-length exploration of madness and the macabre.

February 16

“Dead Ringers” (1988) & the Duality of David Cronenberg

Almost unbearably bleak, Dead Ringers is an endurance test – just not in the way most Cronenberg faithful will expect.

February 09

Don’t Be Afraid of “The Monster” (2016)

The Monster never goes far enough in its themes and character arcs to land with any real impact.

February 07

Demons of Fear: “UNDER THE SHADOW” (2016)

Fear and anxiety have a way of unsettling us: sometimes bringing out our worse natures, and sometimes forcing us to find our better selves. Writer/director Babak Anvari explores this in his Iranian horror, UNDER THE SHADOW. He also shows how fear, anxiety, and war can unearth darker powers in Nature. The look of the film is simple but with a growing oppression, a sometimes claustrophobic feel. The main characters are at the mercy not only of the external unrest but also of what is lurking in their minds.