Paranormal Urban Fantasy Review: ZOO CITY (2010) by Lauren Beukes

ZOO CITY is the story of Zinzi December, a former journalist and addict whose current work includes facilitating email scams (to pay off her rather large debt to the con artist for whom she works) and locating missing objects for people who have lost them. In the latter pursuit, she is assisted by Sloth, an animal who has become inseparable from Zinzi. More of a familiar than a pet, Sloth is the conduit for Zinzi’s psychic talent for finding lost things, but is also a constant reminder of her dark past and its consequences.

Horror Mystery Review: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Neil Gaiman’s Ocean AT THE END OF THE LANE is to its reader as the TARDIS is to the world of “Doctor Who.” It is a short novel that contains a fictional world that is much larger than its external physical appearance leads one to assume. In a way, this is a metaphor for the plot of the book, Gaiman’s tenth adult novel, published by William Morrow in 2013. Its story within a story expands greatly, eventually reaching to the origins of the universe, all the while remaining within the narrative of a middle-aged man’s memories of his quite unusual and terrifying childhood.

Science Fiction Review: THE PERIPHERAL by William Gibson

A murder mystery plays out between two universes. The sole witness to the murder exists in a past time-space continuum, where she becomes the target of killers from the future. Relying on protection from a government law enforcement and security agency that does not yet exist in her world, she must participate in a risky bid to catch the murderer. The catch: she has to leave her body behind in her world while she operates telepresently in the future — a future that is no longer her world’s destiny.