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September 08

Stephen King’s “It” and the Persistence of Memory (Part II)

King builds a rich interior world for even the most peripheral characters, and creates perhaps his most fully realized, richly satisfying work ever.

September 07

Stephen King’s “It” and the Persistence of Memory (Part I)

Reading this novel always rekindles a connection with my own childhood naïveté (something I haven’t necessarily shaken).

Horror author Thomas S. Flowers - image source: Amazon March 27

Glimpses behind the Veil: Thomas S. Flowers’ THE HOBBSBURG HORROR

Reading THE HOBBSBURG HORROR, I hear Thomas Flowers’ voice. I can see his influences, mostly because they are mine too, but I hear HIM. Underneath the supernatural in this story collection are real ghosts and demons.

September 20

“High-Rise” (2015): Daze of Future Past (Part II)

Ballard creates cold, sterile worlds that are driven by concepts instead of characters, but he’s strong enough a writer that his narratives thrive with intellectual possibility as a result.

September 19

“High-Rise” (2015): Daze of Future Past (Part I)

Should filmmakers just leave certain books alone?

The cover of LET'S DESTROY INVESTUTECH - cover art by David G. Barnett, image source: Jeremy Thompson August 24

Writer Wednesday: a Review of LET’S DESTROY INVESTUTECH by Jeremy Thompson

Indie author Jeremy Thompson has released his second novel, Let’s Destroy Investutech (Bedlam Press, 2016). It combines the genres of horror and science fiction (especially cyberpunk), but it doesn’t confine itself within their well-worn tropes and clichés. In a way, Thompson has reimagined Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818) as a futuristic, techno-capitalist nightmare. It’s the reductio ad absurdum of the Google-centric world in which we now live.

Laurence Fishburne stars in EVENT HORIZON June 04

Sci-Fi Saturday: Paul W.S. Anderson’s EVENT HORIZON (1997)

Check out my appreciation of Paul W.S. Anderson’s Event Horizon (1997) on Tumblr. [Crosspost via IFTTT]

Latashia Figueroa, author of THIS WAY DARKNESS July 22

THIS WAY DARKNESS – Indie Book Review

Indie author Latashia Figueroa is a sly writer. In this volume, she offers three short horror stories, each of which seems rather tame as one begins to read. However, Ms. Figueroa is merely lulling the reader into a false sense of security.

Christopher Alan Broadstone, author of PUZZLEMAN July 07

Book Review – PUZZLEMAN: A Novel

PUZZLEMAN introduces a fascinatingly evil antagonist who invites comparison to certain iconic horror villains, such as Clive Barker’s Cenobites.

Jeremy Thompson, author of THE PHANTOM CABINET May 26


What if the afterlife consisted of a spiritual destination, the Phantom Cabinet, where the spirits of the dead were broken down and redistributed to create new souls for the newborn? What if this process could be resisted by those who don’t want to be obliterated? What if some of these recalcitrant spirits are those who are filled with anger and hatred caused by the events of their lives? And what if one of these spirits conceived a plan to return to the world of the living to destroy it?