10 Business Ideas 2019 to Sell Online (for Beginners Only)

Starting an online business in this competitive market does take some time to grow and get success. You need to focus on different things such as content marketing, website optimization, search engine optimization, etc.

In this article, we are going to share 10 profitable business ideas 2019 to sell online. The best thing – you can run your business through your website.

If you want to build your website with some little investment, you can use these online business ideas.


Sell Products on Amazon

Today, you can buy wholesale products and get a license to sell them on the web. If you are not an official manufacturer, you can purchase products with wholesale price. Next, create your own website and Amazon Seller account.

You can sell products on your website and on your Amazon store.

When selling, you have to deal with manufacturers and customers. It is part of the B2B business model. If it suits you more, you can start a dropshipping business, from the comfort of your home.


Online Consultation

Are you a fitness or health expert? Have you just completed Engineering? Pick a subject and consult others about a specific topic or niche.

Fitness and health expert can offer weight loss services. Engineers can provide project creation services or create a website where they can teach different engineering subjects.


Online Tutoring Website for Students

If you are a teacher or simply a passionate speaker who wants to run his own coaching class, this idea is perfect for you. You can start your business from your online website. All you need to do is create an educational sharing video, spread the word, and wait for students to come to you.

You can market your business locally and then go forward.

Building this type of website can help you establish your business both locally and internationally. You can get more students for online live coaching or offer pre-recorded video coaching.


One Product Selling Company

Still looking for online business ideas what to sell? One product selling company is a great option for those who want to invest in something that makes sense to society.

Just follow your skills and think about which product (physical or digital) you can make. You can trademark your masterpiece and sell it only via your website or digital product marketplaces.

You can make software, technical device or any innovative solution. As long as you focus on one product and its quality, you can get more value and appreciation from your buyers.

Always update and improve your product and impress your customers with your product.


Video Course Education (Membership Website)

Starting a membership education site is easier than ever. No need to hire a professional developer. Go to themeforest.net and find membership WordPress theme to create your site. Leave the rest to web hosting providers.

You can buy your domain from godaddy.com or hostgator.com and ask them to install WordPress into your site. Install your theme and optimize your website.

It is important to have a passion to create videos. If you are an expert in a specific field, for example, health or fitness, you can share your fitness education via videos for your members.

Follow your education and expertise and provide value to your website members. Membership website online business is the best business among online business ideas for beginners 2019.


Food Home Delivery Website

This type of business is half offline and half online. No need to open a food store. You can cook things at your home and create a food home delivery site to attract customers. You can also create an app for your local customers and provide delicious food 24/7 at home.

Add your service and delivery charges. Focus on food quality. It must be healthy and always fresh. People love to order food online from a website or app.


Handyman Service Providing Website

Looking for small business ideas to sell online 2019 by relying on your skills? Look no further as this idea is perfect for all beginners. Collect handyman workers, get their numbers, and create a website where you have to set prices for handyman delivery.

You can get plumbers, men who do household problems, electricians, etc. Get orders online and send your worker to respective home. You can also create an app for your local people.


Document Creation Service

Many college students are looking for optimized and professional-looking resume. Usually, they don’t have documentary skills.

You can create a website and offer resume making services to college students and people who want to get the job of their dreams.

You can contact data collection companies, accounting companies, and marketing companies to find more people.


Micro Niche Affiliate Website

If your goal is to make a lot of money online, this type of business is perfect for you. You’ll have to find the best affiliate program for a specific product.

You have to select a trusted and valuable affiliate product. If you prefer, you can become an Amazon Affiliate partner, select one product, and start marketing it on your website.

What exactly is a micro niche website? For example, if your product is about fitness or health, you have to write guides and articles that relate to fitness and health.

In each article, you have to write something educational and valuable about your product.

Don’t forget to add the affiliate links in the articles.


Tech Solution Website

If you are skilled in any type of gadget, you can start solving problems by offering paid services.

Many technical problems can be completed with online chat or via phone. You can start your own technical problem solution website and provide services to your customers.

Spread the word and brand your company name via creating videos. If you have a good online channel, you can attract attention and make a decent amount of money from this business.

Good luck!

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