Business Ideas 2019 to Sell Online

It may surprise you how profitable the online platform can be for a budding entrepreneur.  There are so many ideas, and best of all you can run multiple once if you are good at multitasking. You need a laptop or smart device and internet connectivity. We will explore some fantastic business opportunities below.

· Virtual Assistants

Businesses are looking for ways to cut back on some of the operational costs.  They, therefore, opt to hire out some of the jobs to freelancers. One such area is the hiring of virtual assistants to handle specific tasks. You will find that your role includes; content generation, managing the social media platforms, email marketing, among others.

· Author

The online platform has made it very easy for people to go into writing. In the earlier days, you would need an editor and a publisher. You would then need to actively promote your book as well as get stores to stock it. EBooks have cut out so many middle Men. If you have the talent, platforms such as Amazon will allow you to publish your books and make money out of the sales.

If you exceed a certain number of sales, the platform will do the marketing for you.

· Online Courses

Several individuals have made a killing by providing online courses. You will find almost all the subjects on the online platform. It could be social media marketing, how to start an e-commerce platform, how to become a successful vlogger among others. With the right content and the ability to persuade people to spend money, you can generate a good income.

There are so many areas you can get into. You could be a business coach, SEO consultant, among others.

· Start an E-Commerce Platform

Setting up an e-commerce store is another excellent way to make money on the online platform.  There are different business models you can go into. One option is to sell products that you have in stock. You will need to have a warehouse and systems in place to manage the inventory.

The other option is dropshipping. In this model, you become the middleman between the customers and their suppliers. You do not handle any inventory, because the supplier will send the items directly to your customer. The dropshipping option may be cheaper because you cut out so many expenses like storage, hiring of staff to handle inventory, among others. You must work with the right supplier who can process the orders promptly. They must also give high-quality goods so that you keep your customers coming back.

Set up a platform that will allow you to have multiple sales channels.  Platforms like Shopify will allow you to add other outlets like Amazon, eBay, Google Market, Facebook, among others. The advantages you get are that you reach the consumers wherever they are. They also do not need to sign out of one platform, and then come to your store.  It makes the process efficient, and you have a higher chance of making good Returns.

· Web Experts

There are so many tools that can help anyone create a website; even those without technical know-how, but, web designers will never go out of business. The beginner will still need someone who has the relevant knowledge to check out what they are doing. Other companies do not have time to take on such function on their own unless they have an in-house resource. If you have the skill, you can work as a freelancer, and offer your services on the online platform.

The same goes for website developers. Many back-end processes are required in building a website. You will need technical knowledge, but it is a profitable niche.

There is also good business potential in becoming a website copywriter. You need to be able to create engaging content to attract and keep the attention of the online visitor.

Theme designers also do very well on the web platform. Anyone operating on the e-commerce platform needs good themes, which will increase the attractiveness of the online store.

· Customer Service Agents

You do not need to sit in a call center to be able to offer customer services. You can do it from the comfort of your home, but you need to ensure that you dedicate sufficient amounts of time. Companies outsource such work to freelancers instead of hiring a full-time in-house resource.

· Leads Generator

Leads generation is a lucrative business because you give companies access to audiences that can become potential customers. It is, however, a time-consuming process that requires the right kind of skill. Many companies struggle with finding such a person who they can hire on a full-time basis. If this is your area of expertise, you will be sure to make a good income by providing the leads.

· Sell organic products

There is a lot of interest in the market with regards to organic products. Whether it is food, cosmetics, pet products, baby products, among others, you are sure to get health and environmentally conscious clients. You must make sure that the products you are selling 100% organic. You must be careful about where you source your products from. There are stringent rules that you must adhere to. If you flout the rules, you may get into trouble with the oversight authorities for making untrue claims.

Selling organic food is also a niche area. The demand is high, but there are not enough suppliers. You will do very well if you produce the food on your own. But you must adhere to the guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture, and get the relevant certification.

Final Thoughts

There are so many business opportunities and ideas on the online platform. Choose the one that interests you the most, but make sure you have a good understanding of the area you want to get into. Some jobs will require that you have a certain level of skill, while others are solely dependent on your talents. Be ready to work hard, and you will surely reap the benefits of your efforts.

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