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August 02

“The Entity” (1982): Misogyny and the Paranormal

It is no mistake that a great deal of the horror genre revolves around the victimization, rebellion and eventual liberation of women.

Still from THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (2016) July 10


I give this movie the highest praise by saying I hope they make a sequel. Hell, I really hope they make a prequel AND an origin story. And I usually hate origin stories.

Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and Vincent Price May 29

The Trinity of Terror: Lee, Cushing, and Price

It seems fated that horror legends Peter Cushing, Sir Christopher Lee, and Vincent Price share near the same birthdays: Cushing on May 26, and Lee and Price on May 27, even if not the same year. In the hearts and minds of most horror fans, they are three of the most important actors of the genre. All three had acting careers spanning from the 40’s to present, even after their deaths.

May 01

Evolution and Fallout: THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS (2016)

Most zombie films follow the same formula, with the main difference being whether they have fast zombies or slow ones. Colm McCarthy’s THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS, based on Mike Carey’s novel and screenplay, diverts from the formula.

Horror author Thomas S. Flowers - image source: Amazon March 27

Glimpses behind the Veil: Thomas S. Flowers’ THE HOBBSBURG HORROR

Reading THE HOBBSBURG HORROR, I hear Thomas Flowers’ voice. I can see his influences, mostly because they are mine too, but I hear HIM. Underneath the supernatural in this story collection are real ghosts and demons.

February 07

Demons of Fear: “UNDER THE SHADOW” (2016)

Fear and anxiety have a way of unsettling us: sometimes bringing out our worse natures, and sometimes forcing us to find our better selves. Writer/director Babak Anvari explores this in his Iranian horror, UNDER THE SHADOW. He also shows how fear, anxiety, and war can unearth darker powers in Nature. The look of the film is simple but with a growing oppression, a sometimes claustrophobic feel. The main characters are at the mercy not only of the external unrest but also of what is lurking in their minds.

January 18


After watching THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT, not only was my aversion to clowns solidified, but I felt the need to watch something else before going to bed.

January 09

PET (2016): Caged Indie Horror

The strength of PET is in how it takes a predictable story in an unexpected and disturbing direction.

top 5 movies December 30

My Top 5 of 2016

Everybody loves lists. I like to use them to see if there are any movies I may have overlooked, and there always are. I in no way have seen all the horror movies I wanted to see that came out this year, so please forgive me if I miss out on some you think should […]

November 22

Terror Tuesday: Nicholas Winding Refn’s “NEON DEMON” (2016)

It is tempting to compare NEON DEMON to STARRY EYES, but I think that would sell both films short. Both films deal with the predatory nature of fame and are strong visually, but they each have their focus. The lead in STARRY EYES, Sarah, understands what she has to sacrifice and does it willingly. But there is, at least in the beginning, a genuine naïveté and original drive about her.