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August 18

When There’s No More Room in Stockholm: “Berlin Syndrome” (2017)

When contrasted against last year’s similarly-themed (but far more original) Pet, Berlin Syndrome seems especially disappointing.

August 09

The Emptiness of “The Void” (2016)

Distanced from Astron-6’s darkly funny aesthetic, it becomes just another genre flick defined by its borrowed parts.

July 24

The Tactile Horror of “Felt” (2014)

Felt is a captivating journey that forces the viewer to consider the perspective of a challenging character.

July 11

The Secrets of “Toad Road” (2012)

In a way, the addicts of Toad Road are not unlike the religious types who seek redemption and release via unquestioning faith in an omniscient, all-powerful creator.

June 21

“The Blackcoat’s Daughter” (2015): A Nuanced Nightmare

The Blackcoat’s Daughter completes an unholy trinity of horror classics that are as viscerally punishing as they are challenging in their boundary-pushing intelligence.

May 26

“Colossal” (2016): Monster Mash with Seoul

It’s a conundrum, but a consistently approachable one.

May 16

Indie Filmmaker Spotlight: Alice Lowe’s “Prevenge” (2016)

In a weird way, I wonder if Lowe was listening to Embryodead while conceiving the story of Prevenge.

April 21

“Officer Downe” (2016): Cruel & Unusual Punishment

When repetition is the name of the game – and your film isn’t Run Lola Run – it’s not an encouraging sign.

April 11

The Mournful Materialism of “Personal Shopper” (2016)

We get some ghost-vomit, sure, but it’s contextual ghost-vomit.

March 29

“The Belko Experiment” (2017): Slaughterhouse 9-to-5

It’s Lord of the Flies with suits and ties.