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Still from SHEITAN (2006) November 03

SHEITAN (2006): Multicultural French Hillbilly Horror

SHEITAN (Kim Chapiron, 2006) is a French take on the classic American hillbilly horror film, seasoned with themes and tropes from the New French Extremity.

Still of "Calvin" from LIFE (2017) August 14

LIFE (2017): A Competent but Not Too Lively Sci-Fi / Horror Thriller

Billed as a sci-fi/horror film, Life (2017, dir. Daniel Espinosa) is more accurately a semi-lame thriller based on the familiar sci-fi trope of contamination by an alien species.

Still from FUNNY GAMES (2007) August 10

“Post-Horror” or Just More “FUNNY GAMES”? (Part 2 of 2)

In this second part of a two-part article, I focus on the film(s) that I introduced at the end of the first part: Michael Haneke’s FUNNY GAMES (1997 / 2007).

Still from FUNNY GAMES (1997) July 13

“Post-Horror” or Just More “Funny Games”? (Part 1 of 2)

“Post-horror” is apparently a ‘thing’ now. The thing is, it’s really nothing new.

Theatrical poster for LO (2009) June 29

“Lo” (2009) – a Demonic Horror Comedy from Travis Betz

Going back eight years is not much of a throwback in time. Yet writer-director Travis Betz’ “Lo” (2009) is worthy of a Throwback Thursday shout-out anyway. It’s an overlooked and undervalued film that deserves a wider audience. A genre-blending horror comedy musical with romantic drama elements, this indie picture takes a lot of chances and still succeeds.

Tim O'Kelly is the sniper in TARGETS (1968) June 22

Throwback Thursday: Peter Bogdanovich’s “Targets” (1968)

On one level, Peter Bogdanovich’s first feature film, TARGETS (1968, prod. Roger Corman) is about a shift in horror cinema. In the late 1950s, gothic/supernatural and extraterrestrial monsters started to give way to the monsters of everyday life. TARGETS is a metaphor for this change in the major source of cinematic horror.

Michelle Rodriguez in THE ASSIGNMENT (2016) June 13

“The Assignment” (2016): Walter Hill Takes Risks

The strong negative reaction to Walter Hill’s most recent directorial effort has more to do with disappointed expectations than controversial material.

Theatrical Poster for THE EYES OF MY MOTHER (2016) May 23

Extreme Indie Horror: “The Eyes of My Mother” (2016)

“The Eyes of My Mother” (2016) combines an edgy, boundary-pushing story with painstaking attention to form and execution in filmmaking.

Xenomorph from ALIEN: COVENANT (2017) May 20

Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Covenant” (2017)

Perhaps it’s not fair to expect, but I wish this film had scared the crap out of me like its 1979 ancestor did. Still, it does accomplish what it set out to do — to explain the origins of the Xenomorph.

Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger May 18

Throwback Thursday: Who is Freddy Krueger?

Although Wes Craven began his career with low-budget exploitation films later seen as ‘progressive,’ by the mid-80s he seems to be hedging his thematic bets. Case in point: A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (1984).