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Tim O'Kelly is the sniper in TARGETS (1968) June 22

Throwback Thursday: Peter Bogdanovich’s “Targets” (1968)

On one level, Peter Bogdanovich’s first feature film, TARGETS (1968, prod. Roger Corman) is about a shift in horror cinema. In the late 1950s, gothic/supernatural and extraterrestrial monsters started to give way to the monsters of everyday life. TARGETS is a metaphor for this change in the major source of cinematic horror.

Michelle Rodriguez in THE ASSIGNMENT (2016) June 13

“The Assignment” (2016): Walter Hill Takes Risks

The strong negative reaction to Walter Hill’s most recent directorial effort has more to do with disappointed expectations than controversial material.

Theatrical Poster for THE EYES OF MY MOTHER (2016) May 23

Extreme Indie Horror: “The Eyes of My Mother” (2016)

“The Eyes of My Mother” (2016) combines an edgy, boundary-pushing story with painstaking attention to form and execution in filmmaking.

Xenomorph from ALIEN: COVENANT (2017) May 20

Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Covenant” (2017)

Perhaps it’s not fair to expect, but I wish this film had scared the crap out of me like its 1979 ancestor did. Still, it does accomplish what it set out to do — to explain the origins of the Xenomorph.

Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger May 18

Throwback Thursday: Who is Freddy Krueger?

Although Wes Craven began his career with low-budget exploitation films later seen as ‘progressive,’ by the mid-80s he seems to be hedging his thematic bets. Case in point: A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (1984).

April 27

Throwback Thursday: “It’s Alive” (1974)

The monstrosity of America in early 1970s? “It’s Alive” in Larry Cohen’s classic 1974 exploitation film!

March 10

Macon Blair’s Right At Home in His Netflix Directorial Debut

While the inevitable comparisons between Blair’s directorial debut and the Saulnier pictures in which he appears might find Blair’s film lacking, it’s really a case of ‘apples and oranges.’

February 05

An Inescapable World of “Trouble Every Day” (2001, dir. Claire Denis)

While TROUBLE EVERY DAY’s mix of sexuality and violence is meant to shock, its almost clinical detachment at other times alienates the viewer. The end result is to create an amoral world from which there is no way out — for both characters within the film and spectators in the audience.

January 23

SPLIT (2017) Just Might Leave You That Way

James McAvoy’s character is both the best and the worst thing about SPLIT, which was both written and directed by Shyamalan.

January 17

A HONEYMOON (2014) from Hell

An alien presence turns wives into husband-killing monsters in writer-director Leigh Janiak’s feature debut, the indie science-fiction horror film Honeymoon (2014). In their native urban environment (likely New York City), newlyweds Bea (Rose Leslie) and Paul (Harry Treadaway) seem like an average (including their quirks) yuppie couple. When they go from city to country (crossing the border into Canada in the process), the ties that bind — along with the gender roles defined by contemporary heterosexual marriage — go out the window when an eerie light shines into it, focusing on new wife Bea.