2019 Business Ideas for the Online Platform

There are many business opportunities one can take advantage of on the online platform, to make some good money. Some, like starting an online store may require inventory.  Others, like handcrafted items, require creativity. Others require talent, for instance, if you were to write a blog or create video tutorials. There are so many options available for anyone willing to put in the work. We will share with you some fantastic ideas in our article below.

· Blogging

Blogging has become a lucrative source of income for many people. Choose an area of interest so that you can generate engaging content. Sell the articles to those who require content for their websites. Monetize your pages through affiliate links, advertising, among others. Blogging is not easy; you need relevant, informative content that will capture the interest of your readers. However, you have a ton of resources on the online platform and can churn out great content in a short time.

· Social media manager

The Social Media platform has made it possible for people to get jobs in very many areas.  You can be a social media manager which requires you to take care of the different platforms daily. You can freelance as a social media consultant so that you manage online accounts for various clients.

Another profitable area is working as a social media influencer. You will need to grow your audience base with credible content. You must be engaging enough to sway your followers into agreeing to whatever you recommend brands will actively seek you to promote their products. You have the opportunity to charge for your services. You can also get the companies to send you the products, and you review them. You will need to have some marketing skills so that you can pass your messages in a very subtle way. You will be selling without actually pushing your followers using hard-sell advertising language.

· Become an affiliate marketer

So many brands are looking for ways to sell their products. Affiliate marketing is very profitable if you know how to sell. You post links onto your site and make money from each sale. You will agree on a commission structure with the companies. What makes affiliate marketing so interesting is that if you have good traffic to your website, you can make money even when you are asleep.

· Video blogging or Vlogging

Platforms such as YouTube have allowed some people to use their personality to make tons of cash. Vlogging is a very profitable niche if you have a large subscriber base. You must be someone who can connect with the audiences. Make sure your content is engaging because you will face a lot of competition from other vloggers. You need a good camera with good quality sound. You must also be able to churn out content regularly.

· Freelance Writers

You know how to write, your grammar is on point, and you can generate engaging content. You also follow Instructions well and can meet deadlines. Those are the main things you need to be a freelance writer. Many companies are hiring freelance writers. You can also join job boards like freelancer.com, upwork, ProBlogger, among others, you will find very many writing opportunities.

· Designers

There are many design job opportunities in the online platform. Companies are always looking for qualified graphic designers to develop their branding items. Such include t-shirts, banners, car branding, among others. Unless it is a design company, it is rare to find a business hiring a graphic designer as a full-time resource. You, therefore, have a chance to offer your services to such companies.

· Become a Tutor

Use your skill and knowledge to offer tutoring services to your clients. With tools such as Skype, you do not have to have a face-to-face meeting.

· Online Trainer

Not everyone has the time to go to the gym due to the demands of daily living. They, however, have time to work out from the comfort of their home or office. Offering online training services is sure to net you, such clients. Goes the extra mile by partnering with a nutritionist or dietician so that you increase your product offering. Not only will you be teaching your clients how to keep fit, but you will also be able to show them how to maintain a healthy diet while at it.

· Translation and Foreign Language Teaching Services

The world has become a global market, and people from different countries need to communicate. However, there is one barrier; language. You can become that person who offers translation services. The other option is to provide tutoring services for those who want to learn a new language. There is a lot of interest around English, Spanish, German, French and Chinese. But the list does not end there, meaning that there is a lot of potential for such services.

· SEO Experts

The online platform requires that you have an excellent understanding of SEO. It makes it easy for the search engines to find you. Any time a customer types in a specific keyword,  your business will come up. It will make it more likely that the online visitor will click on the link and come to your website. However, even if you have a good understanding, you may not have the time to do it on your own. You will, therefore, need to hire an SEO expert.

SEO optimization is still a fundamental niche with regards to online work. Make your offering better by including extras like content creation, link building, among others.

· App Developers

There will always be demand for app developers because people are always looking for the latest technological innovations. Anything that can make the customer’s life better is sure to generate interest.

Final Thoughts

We have shared with you some excellent business opportunities that are available on the online platform. You may think that some of the jobs are easy; you will need to invest time in looking for clients and doing a good job. However, the best part is that you are your own boss, and can work at your own pace.


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