Extreme Horror: “A Serbian Film” (2010)

Still from A SERBIAN FILM (2010)

This is one of the most brutal and boundary-crossing films I have seen to date. Check out my review of Srdjan Spasojevic’s controversial film on Tumblr.

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12 thoughts on “Extreme Horror: “A Serbian Film” (2010)

    1. I’m assuming that this film does NOT represent Serbia or Serbs. Given your background, though, it will probably make you angry. Good call not to see it!

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    2. Well, you see, I’m gonna quote my friend here: ‘despite being a very conservative society we are also very liberal when it comes to curse words, which is weird.’
      For some reason Serbs are creative when it comes to swearing (probably partialy because our syntactic structure is very loose), and our swear words are very graphic, but we never think about their literal meaning. As far as I heard this director took as many of those real or possible sentences as he could and made them literal.

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      1. I must add that if that is true I kinda respect this movie in a weird way, because then it does show a dark side of our society we rarely notice. Too bad it seems more non-Serbians have seen it (spreading the idea that we are sick) then us.
        Still not gonna watch it though… xD

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      2. They probably didn’t use them explicitly in the movie anyway, but they did like an ultimate ‘show, don’t tell’. There’s a certain scene with an eye right? That’s easily a curse word here. You can basically do it with any body part, but I guess it’s most usual with holes… I’m trying not to curse, otherwise it would be much easier to explain. xD


    1. For me as well. Even though I watched the “unrated” version, where some of the footage in that scene has been edited out. I have been told that the uncut original film is unwatchable. Have you seen the uncut version?

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