Mike Messier Goes to “The Darkside” (2016)

Mike Messier on the set of THE DARKSIDE - image source: FilmFreeway

Mike Messier on the set of THE DARKSIDE – image source: FilmFreeway

The Darkside is a place to visit… but not to dwell.

“The Darkside” (2016) is Rhode Island indie filmmaker Mike Messier‘s new experimental, narrative performance short. Messier wrote, produced, and performed the one-minute poetic drama, which he co-directed with Chris Boylston.

Messier and Boylston worked together on “Disregard the Vampire – a Mike Messier Documentary.” The project, an indie horror, is currently in post. It stars Anna RizzoJose Gonsalves, and Geena Matuson.

“The Darkside” is the first co-directing collaboration from the two. Boylston also did the cinematography and editing. Eileen Slavin assisted as a production assistant and still photographer.

In “The Darkside,” Messier delivers a dark, poetic monologue that dwells on death. He stands alone on a footbridge that is symbolic of the transition from life to death. The sober surroundings emphasize his isolation. Messier’s facial expressions and posture enhance his intense delivery of his lines.

The short is available on Vimeo and Film Freeway, but you can check it out now below. Look for it to appear in future film festivals.

The Darkside from Mike Messier on Vimeo.