Indie Shorts: A LATE THAW (2015, dir. Kim Barr)

Confronting the chilling, long-term psychological effects of the sudden loss of a loved one is the subject of A LATE THAW (2015), a short film from Canadian indie director Kim Barr. The film stars Helena Marie as Tara, a young woman with unresolved grief for a boyfriend, Glenn (Ivan Peric), who died in an accident. Her mourning stands in the way of her ability to commit fully to her current love, Stephane (Lucas Chartier-Dessert).

The film moves smoothly between Tara’s external and inner worlds. The psychological fantasy of the latter centers on a large, old house, which becomes for Tara a symbol of her past (of which she cannot let go) and a potential future (about which she is conflicted). The motif of snow figures heavily in this surrealistic environment, which is captured masterfully on film. The haunting musical score enhances the shifts in Tara’s perceptions and mood.

A LATE THAW premiered at the 2015 Calgary International Film Festival. It went on to win a Goldie award for “Best Technical” at the 2016 Vancouver Island Short Film Festival, where it also secured a nomination for “Best Writing.” It will appear in the Short Film Corner of the Court Métrage at Cannes in May.

For further information, check the film’s Facebook page.

ALT_Trailer from Kim Barr on Vimeo.

Disclosure: ChicArt PR provided access to an online screener of A LATE THAW to the author for review purposes only. No financial considerations were involved in the writing and publication of this review.