“The Filmmaker’s Journey” – New Indie Filmmaking Vlog from Chris Esper


Filmmaker Chris Esper - image source: Film Stew

Filmmaker Chris Esper as a young assistant camera operator – image source: Film Stew

Up-and-coming filmmaker Chris Esper, the founder of indie production company Stories in Motion, has a new and ongoing YouTube vlog series that you should check out. Titled “The Filmmaker’s Journey,” it provides tips and advice on surviving and succeeding in the indie film world.

What’s great about it is that Chris bases his advice on his career and projects, which are very much still in development. It’s all about how Chris has done and is continuing to do the art and business of making films. Chris plans to turn the vlog into a short book that will be available shortly.

As an example, I’ve selected the vlog episode below. You’ll notice that this selection is somewhat self-serving. Still, Chris mentions many excellent websites where indie filmmakers can get free feedback and publicity for their films. I recommend requesting a review from all of them.

I want to thank Chris for his recommendation of Loud Green Bird as one of the go-to sites for online coverage of indie films. I have been fortunate to review many of Chris’ films and those of his colleagues in the northeastern United States as well. Hopefully, indie filmmakers from the rest of the world also will avail themselves of the opportunity.