Indie Shorts: Two More from Sean Meehan

Actor-producer Timothy J. Cox - image source: (photo by Ron Remke)

Actor-writer-producer Timothy J. Cox – image source: (photo by Ron Remke)

New York City-based actor Timothy J. Cox (who is also a writer and producer) recently brought to LGB’s attention two short films by Sean Meehan, whose most recent short, “Total Performance,” was reviewed on this site not too long ago. Not coincidentally, Mr. Cox appears in both films — to good effect. Let’s take a brief look at both.

OVER COFFEE (Two-Five Films, 2010)


Theatrical Poster for OVER COFFEE (2010) – image source: Timothy J. Cox

According to IMDb, this is the first short film that Meehan wrote and directed. A romantic comedy involving two co-workers, Andrew (Erik Potempa) and Carla (Jocelyn DeBoer), its plot turns on the very specific coffee order that their boss, Hamilton Rice (Cox) must have delivered to him every morning.

Story: “Andrew only comes to work for one reason, and that reason is Carla. She may not know it, but he’s crazy about her and will do anything for her – something he might have to prove sooner than he thinks.”

The interactions between the characters in this office comedy are well done. There is good chemistry between Andrew and Carla. Laughs come from the adversarial office friendship of Andrew and David (Michael Oberholtzer), the behavior of Cox’s domineering yet vulnerable boss character, and the attitude of a delightfully obnoxious coffee shop patron, Laura (Mallory Portnoy).

MALLAS, MA (2013)

Maria Natapov and Timothy J. Cox star in Sean Meehan's MALLAS, MA - image source: Movie Quotes and More

Maria Natapov and Timothy J. Cox star in Sean Meehan’s MALLAS, MA – image source: Movie Quotes and More

Produced by Fix It In Post, this short was made for the 48 Hour Film Project during its Boston tour stop. Yes, it was written (by Daniel BerubeTodd Mahoney, and Meehan), shot, edited, and scored in just two days. Nevertheless, the quality of the finished product is amazing. Here’s the story: “Two bumbling con artists try to pull one over on a small, superstitious town by posing as paranormal investigators.”

According to his IMDb biography, Timothy J. Cox is known in some circles as the “Johnny Depp of Indie cinema.” His performance in this film, in which he is the male lead, combined with his supporting work in the previous short, put me in mind of a youngish Richard Dreyfuss instead. Not bad, that. His pairing with female lead Maria Natapov works well. The show-stealing performance comes from a pair of identical twins, child actors Uatchet Jin Juch and Nekhebet Kum Juch, who portray Sydney, a ghost who throws a monkey wrench into the faux ghostbusters’ plans.