Indie Filmmaker Spotlight: Geena Matuson

Indie Filmmaker Spotlight: Geena Matuson

Indie Filmmaker Spotlight: Geena Matuson at the 2015 BLAA "Makeover!" Show at the Subsamson in Boston - image source:

Indie Filmmaker Spotlight: Geena Matuson at the 2015 BLAA “Makeover!” Show at the Subsamson in Boston – image source:

With this post, Loud Green Bird inaugurates a new series, Indie Filmmaker Spotlight,* with a vignette about Geena Matuson, a young indie filmmaker based in the Boston area. She’s also an artist, a writer, and a digital communications professional.

Geena graduated (with honors) from Massachusetts College of Art & Design in 2013. While earning a BFA in film and video, she focused on creative direction, writing, event and film production, sound design, editing, and color grading. She also trained at the Danforth Museum of Art for six years and at The Potters Shop and School in Needham, MA.

She received the One To Watch Award at the Red Wasp Film Festival for her film “My Big Bad Wolf ” (2013). She was also nominated for a Stowe Story Labs Fellowship. She was a semi-finalist in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards for her short film “Ice Cream For Breakfast” (2013).

Ms. Matuson sent me links to two of her short films as a sample of her work. I’ll share them here with Loud Green Bird readers, then introduce one of her cinematic works in progress.


Matuson’s summary: “A girl is trapped in a box – or, is she? This 16mm/HD, surrealist short follows Luna as she listlessly travels through different environments, trying to find a way out of ‘the box’ in which she is trapped. However, this dreamlike journey takes the girl in a circle, one door simply leading to another – does she truly find her way out?”

The Box from Geena Matuson on Vimeo.

Matuson served as the writer, director, and cinematographer for this short. Dillon Buss provided help with shooting on 16mm film. The piece features Tara Neves as the girl “trapped” in a box. Matuson used original music as well as John Cage’s “Music for Marcel Duchamp” for the score. She also handled all the post-production, including sound design.

On her professional website, she notes that her “personal work focuses on rhythms and patterns, symbolism and dreams, adding to its surreal nature. These themes are carried throughout the body of her work, including her illustration and writing.” These features are certainly on display in “The Box”.


Matuson’s summary: “A young girl’s casual conversation with her friends leads to a troubling conversation with her mother. ‘Ice Cream For Breakfast’ is based on a personal childhood conversation, and expresses the naïveté of innocence, and the lessons of experience.”

Ice Cream For Breakfast from Geena Matuson on Vimeo.

A semifinalist in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards, this short was written and directed by Matuson. The camera work was done by David Chatterton and Wesley Dron. The cast includes Laura Putnam, Isabella Putnam, Charlie Tacker, and Jessica Kofman. Ms. Matuson again handled the post-production and sound design.

Besides telling a tale of innocence and experience, this short can be seen as a visual essay on two sociopolitical issues that are currently topics of intense public debate. It shows clearly one of the dangers inherent in gun ownership. It also juxtaposes this issue with the theme of religious faith. It contrasts innocent and world-weary attitudes towards both of these topics.


Matuson is the director for the feature-length “Amor Sangre“.  It’s a dark LGBT vampire comedy that’s now in post-production.  Written by Lindsey Elisabeth Cork, it stars Cork, Jocelyn Padilla, Lin Hultgren, and Leo Ariea. According to the film’s Facebook page, the filmmakers will release a new teaser-trailer in the near future. Here’s the current teaser-trailer:

Amor Sangre: Teaser Trailer from Geena Matuson on Vimeo.

Matuson’s summary: “The film follows a 426-year-old vampire, the out-of-touch Lucianna, as she kidnaps a housewife with whom she’s fallen in love. Veronica, a wholesome, old fashioned mother of two, is whisked away to a ‘love nest,’ and Lucianna tries desperately to make Veronica her loving bride. Comedy ensues when the couple meet Serena, a witty prostitute, who goes from being their next meal to a lifelong friend. With her help, can Lucianna win Veronica’s heart?”

*Indie Filmmaker Spotlight is a new, recurring series of intermittent posts on Loud Green Bird. It focuses on new, notable, and upcoming creatives in the indie film world.