Look out in the near future for a documentary glimpse into the world of indie filmmaking. It’s coming in the form of a new web series from Behind the Rabbit Productions. Set to release via Twitter on October 15, NO REST FOR THE WEEKEND takes you behind the scenes of “The Last Hit,” BTRP’s 16mm short film. This is the fourth web series from the Brooklyn, New York, indie film production company. Previously, BTRP has produced narrative and documentary series, including “Artist Profiles,” “Watch This Film,” and “The Jessica Project.”

NO REST FOR THE WEEKEND is a four-part series about the filmmaking process.  Its director is one of the film’s producers, Patrick Reis. According to Creative Director Jason Godbey, ”Patrick has an extensive background in documentary filmmaking, so we knew he was the right guy to capture the behind-the-scenes footage and interviews.” Godbey added, “We made ‘The Last Hit’ with four rolls of film left over from 1999. We had only 11 minutes of film and we didn’t know if we’d get an image, so we thought it would be great if we could document the challenge of making a movie with those limitations.”

As a result, NO REST FOR THE WEEKEND reveals the nuts and bolts of filmmaking. It features exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of BTRP’s 16mm short as they battle the heat to get the shot and discuss the perks and pitfalls of shooting on film. You’ll see how the climactic scene was filmed. In an interview with Sound Designer/Composer Christopher Gillard you’ll learn how the soundscape of “The Last Hit” was created.

Join BTRP for the release of NO REST FOR THE WEEKEND on October 15th by following its Twitter account, @BTRProductions. In the mean time, check out the trailer for the series: