ZACH AND TRAVIS: Rich Camp Strikes Again

Comedian and filmmaker Rich Camp strikes again with another video webseries, this time with fellow funnyman and screenwriter Anthony Giambusso. In a postmodern take on “The Odd Couple“, Camp and Giambusso (who are roommates in so-called “real life”) portray two semi-dysfunctional roomies who — quite literally — sit on a couch in their apartment. This Seinfeldian “show about nothing” gives them the opportunity to serve up a wide sampling of their short comic bits.

Out of the roughly seventy videos produced so far, the duo picked out their favorites and published them on YouTube as Season One of ZACH AND TRAVIS. Zach (Giambusso) is the fussy Felix Unger of the show, Travis (Camp) the slovenly Oscar Madison. Their harmonic dysharmony is announced by the short intro, which features stills representing their very different personalities and a short tagline (“Zach and Travis, sitting on a couch”) which they start singing together but finish a beat apart.

The videos vary from the sublime to the ridiculous. An example of the latter is a bit in which the pair sit naked next to each other on the couch (with pixellation strategically placed in post-production). Wearing serious expressions, they stare at an off-camera TV screen until they can’t take it anymore and crack up. On the sublime side, there is a bit in which they imagine what it would be like if they were transported back in time to the pre-television era of the 1930s. Their ear for the dialogue and eye for the physical mannerisms of the films of this period are dead-on and hilarious:

The editing of the episode rounds out the authenticity of this bit, which makes it all the more funny. The genius of the series, however, is that it makes a lot out of funny dialogue and sight gags, with just enough physical comedy thrown in that you’ll forget that Zach and Travis are really just “sitting on a couch.”

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