KOSMOS, Episode One: No Spoilers (Yet)

Poster Art for KOSMOS - image source: Kickstarter

Poster Art for KOSMOS – image source: Kickstarter

A beautiful, young woman lies in hospital in a comatose condition. Although everyone expected this to happen to her, nobody knows why it did. A man cannot sleep in his hotel room because of the sound of a crying baby — yet there are no guests who have an infant. What is the connection between these two vignettes? How does it all fit together in the sweeping science-fiction story (implied by the magnificent outer-space montage over which the opening credits play) of writer-director Simon Horrocks‘ KOSMOS video mini-series?

All that can be said at this point is this: the series is “about a research scientist, working in the field of human genetics, who has to enter his wife’s dreams and memories to find out why she is in a coma.” The only way to find out more is to go to the KOSMOS website, register, and watch the series teaser-trailer.

In a unique approach to distribution, each of the five free-to-view episodes must be “unlocked” by registered KOSMOS citizens. How do citizens unlock the next episode? By watching the current one. When a pre-set number of views has been reached, the next episode becomes available. At this point, the Season One teaser is available for viewing.

As a backer of the KOSMOS Kickstarter campaigns, I was able to view the first episode before its release. Trust me, it is a very well-done show, with production values that meet (and sometimes exceed) those of currently-popular series on Netflix. The acting, cinematography, musical score, film and sound editing — all are spot-on. Anyone who has seen Horrocks’ indie science-fiction feature THIRD CONTACT (2011) — and everyone should see it (see my review) — will recognize his signature screenwriting style, which entices viewers with fascinatingly mysterious characters and story-lines, but withholds how they are all connected until considerable tension has built up.

Although Horrocks handles most of the post-production himself, he also has a crack production team for this UK-based project. He and Yana Georgieva handled the producer’s duties. The cinematography is by Andrew Alderslade. Series regulars include Jeff DahlgrenVirginia HeyAndreea Paduraru, and Marc ZammitJon Campling (as “Hexagonal Glasses”) and Fabian Bolin each appear in three episodes. There are many other fantastic actors and actresses, including (but not limited to) Marcus MarkouDebbie Dzurko, and Vince Mack, who appear in one or two episodes.

So, what are you waiting for? Surf on over to enterkosmos.com and enter the KOSMOS yourself! The teaser view counter is more than 80 percent of the way to unlocking Episode One! I have included the teaser below, but you must also view it on the KOSMOS website after registering/logging in to move the view counter closer to goal.