CROSSING PATHS (2015) – New Indie Short

Theatrical Poster for CROSSING PATHS - image source: Facebook

Theatrical Poster for CROSSING PATHS – image source: Facebook

Sometimes an apparently chance encounter with a stranger can change someone’s outlook and attitude, even when friends, family, and teammates can’t. That’s the premise of CROSSING PATHS (2015), a ten-minute indie short written and produced by John K. Fiore and directed by Paul Medico.

Jimmy (Dan Leibman) in CROSSING PATHS - image source: Facebook

Jimmy (Dan Liebman) in CROSSING PATHS – image source: Facebook

Jimmy “The Bear” Forza (Dan Liebman) is a young, driven, and arrogant boxer who is nursing his wounds (physical, mental, and emotional) after taking a beating while losing his last fight. His manager, Mickey (Fiore), has just about had it with Jimmy’s attitude. He warns him that his next opponent is so strong that he might kill Jimmy in the process of defeating him — unless Jimmy starts working with his team instead of against them. But it seems that nothing can pull Jimmy out of his rut — not even good news from his wife, Amanda (Anna Rizzo). Nothing, that is, until he meets the Janitor (Bobby Kenney).

This film is a showcase for the talents and abilities of everyone involved in its making. Its deceptively straightforward story becomes dramatically complex through the performances of its cast. The cinematography by Chris Esper, which makes highly effective use of light and shadows, deepens the drama. The editing by Medico makes the story fluid, while heightening the audience’s understanding of and emotional response to it through creative use of montage and flashback sequences.

CROSSING PATHS is currently just beginning to make the rounds on the film festival circuit. It has not yet been released to the public; no trailer was available at the time of this review. However, it can (and should) be seen in the near future at #TOFF – The Online Film Festival, where viewers can cast their votes for their favorite films. Follow the film on Facebook or on its official website for additional information about its #TOFF screening and about other opportunities to view it.

Disclosure: LOUD GREEN BIRD provided this review (at the request of Chris Esper) in exchange for access to an online screener of the film. No financial considerations were involved.