A WARMING TREND – Sparks Will Fly . . .

Audrey Noone of A Warming Trend

Audrey Noone – image source: Facebook

Prolific indie actress and filmmaker Audrey Noone has wrapped post-production on a new comedy short, “A Warming Trend.” Released recently via YouTube, it follows the ironically named Scarlett Cool (Noone), head of Scarlett Industries, as she tries to tolerate a rather boring presentation by her nerdy financial analyst (Steve Day). Things are heating up, however — and it’s not just her business that’s experiencing a warming trend. By the way, this is a trend that could “last for years.” And it’s given her a power that she can’t quite control.

Noone is this short’s writer and director as well as its star. It’s her first film to feature special effects (by Dave Andrade), which work well to enhance the comedy of the story. Andrade also serves as DP and editor. The score by Miles Thatch fits the ironic mood set by the cinematography, SFX, and Noone’s performance. All in all, it’s a full three-act comedy packed into just under four minutes.

Whether behind or in front of the camera, Noone often focuses her satirical gaze on the comedy of everyday life, especially when it involves the socially ludicrous. She tells me that most female viewers get what this film is about almost immediately, while it tends to sail over the heads of most men. Check it out below to see if you can figure it out (and whether Noone’s statistics hold up):