PLEASE PUNISH ME Trailer Released by Esper

“Please Punish Me” Trailer from Chris Esper on Vimeo.

Last night, indie director Chris Esper released the trailer for his upcoming short, “Please Punish Me,” via YouTube and Vimeo (see above). According to Esper’s logline on IMDb and Vimeo, the dark comedy “tells the story of a man who is overly blessed. So, he seeks to be punished for his ‘curse.'” 


David Sackal stars as Scottie, a successful young businessman who turns to the Punish Me Palace to relieve himself of guilt over his success. 

Still from PLEASE PUNISH ME Do-Rey-Mi (Lorrie Bacon Chaban) and Creuger (Mark Carter) provide Scottie’s introduction to the Punish Me Palace.

Based on a story by Tom Paolino, the screenplay for “Please Punish Me” is by Rich Camp, who is also a director and has been a frequent collaborator with Esper. The tentative target date for its release is May 2015. Follow the “Please Punish Me” page on Facebook for more information about the short and announcements about its release.