New Must-See Indie Horror Short from Mari Cielo Pajares

From Mari Cielo Pajares: “The Fear Box: 666 Telemarketing”

THE FEAR BOX: 666 TELEMARKETING -- image source: Promote Horror

THE FEAR BOX: 666 TELEMARKETING — image source: Promote Horror

This short film, written and produced by Pajares, tells the story of Anthony Jackson (Gary Anthony Stennette), a young man who breaks up with his girlfriend and is on the verge of losing his job. Immediately after these events, he receives a call on his mobile phone from a very persistent telemarketer (Pajares). Yet this is not just another annoying spam phone call — the telemarketer is a demon who represents the Devil himself. She persists in her efforts to make Anthony complete a survey that will tell him whether he qualifies to go to Hell. Will he give in and do the survey? What will be the results?

This horror short (originally created as the pilot for a television series) mixes dark comedy with a serious drama about a man who is forced to take stock of his life and actions. Directed by JoJo Henrickson and produced by Making Noize Films, it is doing so well on the film festival circuit — having been recently accepted to its 17th festival — that it has not yet been made available to the general viewing public. Ms. Pajares provided access to an online screener to this reviewer.

My advice is to look for its release and see it as soon as it is available, as it will quickly become apparent why it is very popular on the festival circuit. Along with high production value, the film displays a tight, well-scripted story acted convincingly by its cast. This is not a horror film that relies on blood and gore to be scary; it is more of a psychological and supernatural journey that scares with its implications. It will be interesting to see where Pajares goes with the concept behind the short.

Mari Cielo Pajares - image source: IMDb

Mari Cielo Pajares – image source: IMDb

Ms. Pajares is an actress, screenwriter, director, and producer, originally from Madrid, Spain, but now based in Los Angeles. She specializes in the horror genre. She is best known for the film Koma (2011), which she directed, and Rodando Rodando (2012), a television series which she wrote and directed and in which she also had a starring role. She is the daughter of actor, screenwriter, and director Andrés Pajares and actress and producer Chonchi Alonso. She can be found on Twitter and Facebook. She was recently profiled for Women in Horror Month on — don’t forget to read the interview. This is a filmmaker who is clearly on the rise in the horror genre.