What’s Your Favorite Horror film? Pt2

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Latashia Figueroa - Author


I love it when I connect with individuals who are as enthusiastic about movies as I am. Mr. Bill Meeker has two awesome blogs, Frisco Kid at the Movies and Frisco Kid Reads. This man knows his stuff. He has directed me to a few movies I never thought of watching. And yes, I loved them. His reviews on movies and books are detailed and penetrating. By the way, I also heard a rumor that there’s a book in the making. I’ll keep you posted.

Three All-Time Favorite Horror Movies

by Bill Meeker (a.k.a., Texas’ Frisco Kid)

It is difficult for me to maintain a list of all-time favorite horror movies. Since my taste in horror changes with time, experience, and maturity, so does the list. Ironically, it would be easier for me to list the horror movies that I do not like. That catalog never seems to change. However, since Latashia asked…

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