Christopher Doyle’s indie doc “Hong Kong Trilogy”

Now featured on Kickstarter, HONG KONG TRILOGY (“Preschooled,” “Preoccupied,” and “Preposterous”) is a trio of short documentary films made by cinematographer Christopher Doyle, a Hong Kong British filmmaker whose filmography includes HK director Wong Kar Wai’s classic “Chungking Express.” According to Doyle, the Umbrella Movement galvanized his enthusiasm for this project. Here’s an excerpt of the description of HONG KONG TRILOGY on Kickstarter:

HONG KONG TRILOGY: PRESCHOOLED PREOCCUPIED PREPOSTEROUS, directed by the award-winning cinematographer Christopher Doyle, is a story of Hong Kong told by three generations: our children, our young, and our old.


In the already completed segment, PRESCHOOLED, we interviewed children about their everyday lives. Their VOICES inspired the narratives we asked them to play, and what they told us in our dialogue became the VOICE-OVERS that structure the film.


In PRESCHOOLED, Little Red Hood sees her brother misbehave and her parents argue. So she prays to Jesus, to Buddha, to Hare Krishna, to Ganesh…


She asks: “Why are there so many gods in this world? Is it because there are so many people who need to be saved?”


We realized then that her questions have no answers, but asking these questions are what film is all about. What makes our film special is HOW we made it… a process of finding the film by asking these questions… a less AUTEUR way of looking at the world, and hopefully a more REAL and DEMOCRATIC one.


And no one is better at making films like this than Chris, who compares filmmaking to JAZZ, where the give and take of the collaborators takes a work beyond the individual’s intent, where the dance between the camera and the actors focuses each individual’s energy into something unanticipated and unique.


As Chris notes, many of his films like CHUNGKING EXPRESS (dir. Wong Kar-Wai) or PARANOID PARK (dir. Gus Van Sant):“There is little or no formal script: we take people we trust, put them in a safe space, and we shoot.”


This process encouraged us to pursue more. We want to explore the lives of PREOCCUPIED young people in their twenties and thirties, and the PREPOSTEROUS older generation, above fifty.


To read more about and support this independently-made documentary, go to the film’s Kickstarter page.


Banner for HONG KONG TRILOGY — image source: Christopher Doyle’s Facebook page