Two Short Indie Films from Audrey Noone

Actress, screenwriter, director, and producer Audrey Noone — photo by Bill Maher Jr. provided by Audrey Noone

2014 was a busy year for Lowell, Massachusetts-based actress Audrey Noone. Besides appearing in eight episodes of Seth Chitwood’s “Family Problems” webseries (which won the Outstanding Drama award at the 2014 LA Web Series Festival), she had roles in four short indie films, including Chris Esper’s “Steak Knives.” She has been cast in Paul Maher Jr.’s “Lilia of the Valley,” a short currently in preproduction. In addition, she wrote, directed, and/or produced two short films. Noone also appears in both films.

THE LOOK (2014)

Poster for THE LOOK (2014)

Poster for THE LOOK (2014) — image courtesy of Audrey Noone

Written by Noone and directed by Yvonne LaBarge, THE LOOK (2014) features Noone in the lead role of a mom who is innocently trying to help her son with his stutter. Unfortunately she doesn’t realize who else is receiving signals she is sending, which leads to an unforeseen and comic misunderstanding. Noone draws on her experience as a speech pathologist (her “day job”) to craft this vignette about the perils of being the mother of an adolescent boy. Jared Contrada and Chris Johnson turn in strong supporting performances as her on-screen son, Sean, and his friend, David.


THE RACE CARD (2014) Cast Photo

The Cast of THE RACE CARD (2014) — photo courtesy of Audrey Noone

Written, directed and produced by Noone, THE RACE CARD (2014) focuses on a social gathering where everyone is having a wonderful time at dinner, until Harold (Frank O’Donnell) can’t leave well enough alone. Noone also plays a supporting role in this short. The film begins with an title sequence that conveys the title while simultaneously setting the tone (using both visuals and sound) for the scene that follows. The short satirizes both racist attitudes and oversensitivity about one’s own race and ethnicity. It’s also a whole new, comic take on the meaning of “playing the race card.”