Behind the Rabbit Productions To Launch “Watch This Film”

Molly Grace Byrnes, host of "Watch This Film" by Behind the Rabbit Productions

Molly Grace Byrnes, host of “Watch This Film” — image source: BTR website

Behind the Rabbit Productions ups the social media game . . .

. . . by creating a web series especially for their followers. Behind The Rabbit Productions’ newest web series, “Watch This Film,” was created for and is dedicated to its Twitter fan base. Episode one debuts via Twitter on Monday October 6, 2014.

“Watch This Film” is a show about movies, how they’re made and why they’re important. Its purpose of the show is to continue the dialogue with their followers, a group consisting mostly of filmmakers, actors, writers, bloggers, and movie fans, about their mutual passion and love for cinema.

In each episode, presenter Molly Grace Byrnes (“The Last Hit”) will introduce a classic film, give a brief description of its plot, analyze some of the techniques used in its making, discuss the emotional impact of the film, and wrap up with an invitation to the audience to join the conversation on Twitter.

Creative Director Jason Godbey explains, “In the past year our Twitter following has grown exponentially, and we’ve gotten a lot of support from the Twitter film community. We wanted to create a series to show our appreciation and bring these films to a new audience and a new generation of filmmakers. We’ve chosen movies that inspired us, and we believe that viewers will be inspired too – inspired to start a conversation, to seek out similar films, to internalize what they see and use it in their own filmmaking.”

For more information, follow Behind the Rabbit Productions on Twitter and Facebook.