Indie Focus: Satirical Comedy Web-series, “Puppatics,” Available via YouTube

Sean Jo Arcand

Sean Jo Arcand – image source: Tumblr

“Puppatics” is a comedic web series created by Sean Jo Arcand and produced by Zombie Tea Party Productions. It stars a group of puppet characters who are looking to put together a web show, but constantly run into one obstacle after another. So far, four episodes have been released. A fifth is currently in production.

Chris Esper

Chris Esper — image source: Google+

The web-series’ director is Chris Esper, who also recently released the short film “Still Life.” The performers include Sean Jo Arcand, Brian Arcand, and Josh Mercure. Chad Kaplan is in charge of graphic design for the series.

Here are brief recaps of the available episodes, including YouTube links:


Before the crew gets their show up and running, disaster strikes. This can only be a foreshadowing of the chaos that is in store for the team.


A satire of a production meeting: the director, Quackers, is overthrown in a coup after the show is cancelled by the network. Plans are made by Teddy, the new director, to “take over the Internet.”


As the new ruler of the Internet, Teddy makes a video to issue his new demands on Internet users.


King Slug investigates the news of Teddy’s overthrow of Quackers and his new “‘Tube show.” The crew plans to “save the show and get it on television.”

Check out all these hilarious episodes on YouTube. Here’s Episode 1 to get you started: