Indie Film Focus: British Crime Thriller THE HIT to Begin Production in June

Banner for THE HIT

Forget what you know, not every story has been told.

Based on actual events, THE HIT (previous working title: “The Only Way Was Essex”) is an indie crime thriller/drama about “the darker underworld of Essex” and includes the themes of “ganglands, drugs, respect, and revenge.” It tells the “Essex Boys” story, the events of which “in December 1995 . . . culminated in the murders of two top drug barons and their driver in Rettendon, Essex, UK” (according to Wikipedia). Also known as the Rettendon murders and the Range Rover murders, this real-life crime saga has inspired several previous movies, including ESSEX BOYS (2000), RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER (2007), BONDED BY BLOOD (2010), and THE FALL OF THE ESSEX BOYS (2013). In THE HIT, the audience can “forget what it knows” about this story, which changes one man’s life (in particular) forever.

Produced by writer-producer Tanya Louise Deacon (GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS [2005]), actor-writer-producer Brad Wall (THE HOOLIGAN FACTORY [2014], BONDED BY BLOOD [2010]), and Crime Genre Films UK LTD, THE HIT will be directed by Wall, who will also appear in the film. An East London-born cinematic actor, Wall brings to the project his significant prior knowledge of and experience with the film’s subject. Born into a criminal family in Bethnal Green/Whitechapel, he is a “true Cockney” who “supports the old East End ways.” In 2005, Brad was diagnosed with leukemia, but this only made him more determined to succeed as an actor and film-maker.

The film’s screenplay was written by Wall and Micky Edwards and was edited by Deacon. Its stars are experienced and well-known in the British gangster genre: Wall, Christopher FoshDavid FennessyRachel Gormer, and Danny Howard. Supporting cast members include Terry ShiptonDarren BraithwaiteSteve Ward, and Darren Luckin.

The film’s music will be composed by Rick McClure (Epic Tracks Audio, New Braunfels, TX, USA). The film is also pursuing crowd-funding via an Indiegogo campaign (now in progress). For up-to-date news on THE HIT, follow @EssexCrimeFilm on Twitter.