New Comedy Webseries: “Beverly Pills”

Ginger Parker

Ginger Parker as Scarlett Davis in BEVERLY PILLS (2014) [image source: IMDB]

Created by Luis Bustamante, “Beverly Pills” (a FiLTHY MARTiNi production) began its first season on March 10 with Episode 1.1, otherwise known as its “PiLLot.” From what has been revealed so far, it appears to be a very campy comedy series. The first episode, which is very brief, provides the back story to the series: Scarlett Davis (Ginger Parker), a young, vapid, Beverly Hills socialite who has more than a passing interest in Oxycontin, finds out that her father’s assets are being seized by the FBI as part of a money-laundering investigation. Unfortunately for Scarlett, this means that she is being evicted from her home, the deed to which is in her father’s name. Unable to bear the loss of her lifestyle, she capitalizes on her addictions by deciding to become a dealer in “diverted” prescription drugs like Oxycontin, Xanax, and Adderall.

Episode 2.0 drops at noon PST on March 24. In the mean time, here’s the season trailer to tide you over:

Looks promising, right? FRISCO KID will post a follow-up after the March 24 episode. If the episodes start running longer, I might start doing recaps. So far, however, it would take as long to read the recap as it does to watch the episode.

Check out two recent interviews: one in print, with Luis Bustamante and Ginger Parker, on We Love Soaps, and a BlogTalkRadio interview with Ginger on At Home with Victoria.