Indie E-book Review: “Proxy” by Daniel Moore

Proxy by Daniel Moore
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What would New York City look like as a dystopian police state of the near-future? In Daniel Moore’s imaginative new cyberpunk novel, Proxy, it is marked by intrusive electronic surveillance, corrupt politicians in cahoots with crony capitalists and flesh-trade mobsters, and private espionage firms that have more power than government agencies.

Moore’s setting epitomizes the “high-tech, low-life” paradigm that characterizes the science-fiction subgenre of cyberpunk. His protagonist, Alyx, is both a hero and a victim in this world. A free agent in the world of private espionage, she finds herself caught in a web of deception as she attempts to obtain sensitive data (relating to a political murder) for her duplicitous client, the head of a boutique private intelligence firm. Soon she realizes that she is caught between the client and her former boss, the chief of a rival spy outfit who has sent a killer to track down and dispose of her. The twisting path of her story takes the reader through a mob-run techno-brothel, where Alyx meets a young courtesan whose charms and problems will significantly complicate Alyx’s mission and her life. Will Alyx be able to unravel the conspiracy behind the murder by employing her cyber-spy abilities and the talents of her allies and friends? At stake is the future of the people of New York City.

Moore’s plot moves along at a fast pace. His vision of New York as dystopia is clear and compelling. His protagonist, Alyx, is a complicated young woman whose psychological quirks make the reader wonder if she will be able to evade the killer on her trail and complete her mission. The only drawback to the book (at least the version that was available for this review) is its need for revision and proofreading. However, the services of a professional editor are not always available to an independent author. Nevertheless, there is now a new version available on Amazon; hopefully the editorial problems that plagued the first version have been corrected.

Overall, Proxy will prove to be a good read for anyone who enjoys a clever cyberpunk yarn. This reviewer hopes that Moore will continue to write novels, as he appears to have the potential to craft complicated and detailed science fiction stories.

Daniel Moore, an indie author, recently self-published Proxy via Amazon. This post was done in exchange for a copy of the e-book for review purposes.