The Encyclopedia of Early Earth: A Novel

The Encyclopedia of Early Earth: A Novel
The Encyclopedia of Early Earth: A Novel by Isabel Greenberg
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Before the Earth as we know it evolved, there was Early Earth. Smaller and with three moons instead of one, it was a world created and overseen by its gods, Bird-Man and his two children, Kid and Kiddo. Although this world’s inhabitants were human, they had unique ideas about where they came from. They followed different customs and had different traditions than current earthlings. Yet in their essential humanity, how they interacted, what they loved and hated, and how they coped with life, they were not so different from people today.

This is the world whose story Isabel Greenberg tells in her new graphic novel, Encyclopedia of Early Earth. Greenberg’s story and illustrations combine to create an almost filmic experience for the reader, who had better hold on to her copy tightly because others will likely want to “borrow” it once they get a glimpse of its pages.

Isabel Greenberg, author of ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EARLY EARTH

Isabel Greenberg (image via The Guardian)

Isabel Greenberg is an artist and writer who currently lives and works in North London, England. Formally trained as an illustrator at Brighton, she also has a background in classics that has influenced her storytelling style. Recently, she self-published a comic book, The Snow Queen, via Great Beast Comics.

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