10 Simple Tips for Succeeding as a Seller on eBay

Selling products on eBay successfully require certain essential skills. The tips received will help you get started quickly on eBay. Armed with these skills, you can start selling right now on eBay, without delay. Thousands of sellers have achieved phenomenal success on this platform by applying some of these tips in their day-to-day business.

10 Tips for Success on eBay

Try to follow these tips to get real success on eBay:

  1. Discard items that don’t sell

Once in a while, as you trade on eBay, you will likely discover that certain items don’t sell here. Practical action is required. Take down, donate or sell elsewhere such items that remain stagnant daily on the inventory. What is more, if you use them as donations, you will get tax credits as a bonus. Of course, redundant items don’t include some uncommon, rare or specialty products that can grace the inventory for a long time while waiting for the right buyer.

  1. Optimize your listing for search

Start titling your lists so that buyers easily get what they want. In your titles, avoid using superfluous adjectives that will not help a customer’s key in the search engine. These can include words like ‘beautiful’ and some punctuations like dashes and commas. All these are unhelpful since they don’t feature in the search engine. At the same time, make sure you use all spaces that eBay allows for the title. Only use relevant search terms. This maximizes chances that you will be found by buyers searching for a particular item.

  1. Spell- Check Your Listings

If you make listings using misspelt terms, you can be sure that your items will not be found in the search by customers. Remember that the item descriptions need to look professional and should be enticing to buyers.

  1. Key in Item Specifics

As long as you have as many specifics as possible in your item listing, customers looking for certain goods will easily get connected. The listings should include good quality photos and long-tail Google keywords. Always remember that, in order to be distinct from the rest, you need to use great pictures.

Use good photos

One feature of all great photos is good lighting. This will not only show off your merchandise, but they will also capture the object without needless background distractions. If it must be, take some time to crop the photos. If at all practical for you, ensure you take all the 12 photos that are provided by eBay for free.

  1. Declare Flaws

In your listing, disclose any flaws relating to items. Indicate this both in the condition portion as well as the description part. If you don’t do this, the item will likely be returned, or you may invite negative feedback for your business.

  1. Good Customer service

When dealing with dissatisfied buyers or sarcastic messages from potential buyers, exercise restraint and caution. Many successful businesses are known to offer great customer service.Take up the same high standards as an eBay owner. Be courteous and helpful as you resolve emerging issues from disgruntled customers. Remember, there cannot fail to be situations where an angry, disgruntled and unhappy person happens to cross your path. Avoid personalizing matters. Instead, strive to communicate with the customer in a professional manner in order to deal with all issues. Do your best to solve problems.

In a situation where the customer cannot be reasonably appeased, don’t argue. Instead, request eBay to intervene and resolve the matter. When contacting eBay, try to be professional. Do not hesitate to explain the point directly. It’s discreet, at this juncture, to avoid filing complaints and accusations against the customer. Most of the time this strategy works really well, and you are likely to emerge the winner. If, against your expectations, things do not go your way, just accept this as reality and move on.

  1. Pricing and Shipping methods

Correct methods of shipping are usually determined by the weight and size of items.  However, before shipping, eBay usually allows for comparison of rates and methods. It is, however, wise to learn the skills of proper listing and shipping in advance.  It is very important to avoid miscalculating shipping costs. This can hurt you or the customer. To avoid this, ensure you keep an updated USPS chart, along with the FedEx shipping rates. These will help you keep updated on the ever-shifting exchange rates.

  1. Timely Shipping

If you want to keep a good reputation with both eBay and the customers, then it’s vital to practice timely shipping. You will have great recommendations if you do.

  1. Ship internationally

You need to note that a significant percentage of the overall eBay market sales comprise international sales. eBay facilitates an easy way to succeed. Use their Global Shipping Program to venture into international shipping. You will gain a major advantage.

  1. Ship the right item

You can easilyprevent incidences of shipping mistakes by ensuring that your workspace and shipping methods are organized.  Time is needed to do this. Ensure you verify the items that are going to be shipped. Confirm you are actually shipping to the right person. Don’t forget that negative feedback usually is a result of customer dissatisfaction. If you want to get good feedback, then excellent customer service is mandatory.

At the end of the day, your eBay rating depends on getting good feedback from customers. The attendant benefits of good feedback are great.  There are many eBay shoppers who make a decision on whether to buy a particular item from a seller based on positive feedbacks and ratings. Whenever you yourself make a purchase on eBay, make sure you offer feedback.  Eventually, this encourages sellers to return the favor.  If you want to demonstrate to potential customers the level of your experience, then you need to do this. Additionally, it greatly boosts your presence on eBay.



Doing business on eBay can be great fun. The tips offered here have helped thousands of new sellers on this platform to succeed beyond their wildest expectations. Don’t, however, compare yourself with others. Instead, learn a lot from them. Remember, every case is unique, and so what works for others may not necessarily work for you. Try them so as to determine what works best for you. Ultimately, you will discover the secret that rings success as you major on product-selling on eBay.


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