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THE GATES OF MISERY #1: Comix Review
Cover Detail from THE GATES OF MISERY - image source: Facebook

Welcome to Mount Misery Cemetery! Do you dare to enter THE GATES OF MISERY to hear the horrific stories of its denizens? This reviewer did . . . and survived to tell the tale of a kickass new comic created by awesome writers and illustrators.

Mercy, Mercy . . . ALMOST MERCY (2015)
Theatrical Poster for ALMOST MERCY (2015) - image source: IMDb

It looks like I’ve found my first guilty pleasure flick of 2015. I notice that I haven’t written much about movies that have caused me to have this kind of reaction (for whatever reason). So this is where it starts. In fact, I got so much pleasure out of my guilt at liking writer-director Tom

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KOSMOS, Episode One: No Spoilers (Yet)
Poster Art for KOSMOS - image source: Kickstarter

A beautiful, young woman lies in hospital in a comatose condition. Although everyone expected this to happen to her, nobody knows why it did. A man cannot sleep in his hotel room because of the sound of a crying baby — yet there are no guests who have an infant. What is the connection between

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THE GIRL IN THE WOODS: An Indie Horror-Mystery Gem from Azerbaijan
Theatrical Poster for THE GIRL IN THE WOODS - image source: One Film Fan

Small and obscure film blogs get a lot of small and obscure films sent to them for review. That’s just the way it works. In the past, when I ran other websites, many of these submissions were — well — not so good (and often did not get reviewed – I don’t like to slaughter

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